From a new home or simple decoration, we offer all types of residential and commercial projects, refurbishments, interior design and architecture extentions and conversions.

Our projects are devided in four main stages.


- Briefing: We will be collecting all information, understanding and listening the desires and expectations of our clients.


- Conception Design: It's the first initial idea that will be present to the client. Presented as a layout plan drawing, furniture concept, presentation boards and 3D visuals. Refining any design can often involve exploring simultaneous ideas with our clients until a definitive concept is agreed upon.


- Project definitions: We will create and present a serie of drawings and specifications that will be necessary for cost, scope, time, quality and communications with suppliers, contractors and developers.


- Detailed Drawings: After the chosen concept design and project definitions, we can progress to the following stages of detailed design. Here we will develop all the drawings and details for your project. We believe that in designing the finest details, you invariably create the most beautiful of projects. Similarly, the more time we invest at this stage, we can deliver a more professional and accurate project.

Always concerned with the expression and identity of each environment, our goal is translate the wishes and needs of our customers. MA has carefully  selected a range of the following services and key stages.

Project/ Site Management 

Site management can provide many challenges. With our qualified team of architects and designers, with years of group experience and resources in other professions, we can offer our clients the highest standard of site management to suit their requirements. 






Low Cost Improvements / Online Services

With a small budget you have no idea how can we improve incredibly your space. We work with a specialist team that will analyze your existing space and will use what you already have, renovating it, painting or doing some modifications on your existing furniture to get a better look and functionality to your place. This service is ideally for those who would like to improve their home for a better quality living or specially for investors who wants to increase the value of their properties. 

3D Models & Animations

We work with high quality team to create the most realistic views of your space. 




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